CORE project: Report on Identification of young NEET adults’ needs


Recently, all five CORE partner countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia) carried out a comprehensive report on young adults Neither in Employment, Education and Training (NEETs). The report provides analysis of the state of play of NEETs in the project partner countries, including a summary of examples of good practice and recommendations for further development of the ProfilPASS and CORE-Toolkit. Read the report here.

The EU-funded project CORE (assessing COmpetences for REintegration) therefore addresses counsellors who work with disadvantaged young adults who are not in employment, education or training and who support them in the process of gaining awareness of their own competences. The aim of the project is to provide different aids for the counselling process specifically targeted to these disadvantaged young adults. Learn more about the CORE project at its official web site here.

Online counseling now available!


As a response to the corona virus pandemic, the Association for Competency Development “S.K.I.L.L.S.” has enabled its members, counselors for the Competencies Passport and the Competencies Passport for Youth, to deliver counseling online.

A webinar on online counseling was organized last week by the Association “S.K.I.L.L.S.”. Contact information of counselors who offer online counseling with Competencies Passports are available at Our team sectionThey can be contacted through email for more information on online counseling.

From the German ProfilPASS to the Pasos kompetencija in the Western Balkan countries


Where from and how did Pasos kompetencija arrive to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then to Serbia and to Kosovo?

We are sharing an interview between two of our colleagues, Amra Muratovic (GIZ, B&H) and Brigitte Bosche (DIE, Germany), about how and why the transfer of ProfilPASS in Germany to the Pasos kompetencija in B&H was successful.

Read more here: (this article is available in Croatian, English and German language)

Sejda – Tool for editing PDF files


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our team at the Association “S.K.I.L.L.S.” has been working on editing their materials, in order to use them online! While doing so, we’ve discovered a very useful tool, Sejda PDF Editor – that’s right! This program allows you to edit and modify your PDF files.

Sejda team has supported our work at the Association “S.K.I.L.L.S.”.

Try the Sejda PDF editor here: