Competencies Passports


Competencies Passports offer you space and time just for yourself. They are filled out with the guidance of a certified counsellor who helps you remember everything you have done so far. During these pleasant conversations, you will find that you have been learning and improving your skills, knowledge, and attitudes during your whole life, and that those have names in the language of skills.


The Competencies Passport

Through counselling and individual work with the Competencies Passport you will be able to reflect on and speak about your previous experiences, and name your competencies, knowledge, and skills gained outside of the formal education system. This instrument empowers, encourages and supports people to continue developing both personally and professionally.

The Competencies Passport for Youth

The goal of counselling with the Competencies Passport for Youth is to enable young adolescents to make decisions based on their abilities, interests, and talents, and in line with realistic circumstances such as requirements and limitations of the modern labour market. While talking to a counsellor, young people start to realize what their strengths and traits are, thus becoming empowered and more self-confident in achieving their goals.



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