The Competencies Passport can be used when applying for
jobs, internships or studies. Through counselling I’ve
realized I have some skills I used to take for granted. This
process taught me the value of making the implicit—explicit.
The Competencies Passport helps us understand we should
continue growing and learning throughout life, and provides
us with guidance for that.



It was a great experience, I am more than satisfied! I loved
talking about my hobbies and interests. I’ve learned a lot
about myself. In order for people to define their goals in
life and in career, they should get counselling with the
Competencies Passport.



The Passport stands for a deeper understanding of self!

Tijana i Vanesa


We were expecting too many boring questions and classes, but
instead, we got a beautiful experience that will help us
shape our future! Also, we got a lot of information about
ourselves that we weren’t aware of either.



The biggest advantage of the Competencies Passport is the
holistic review of one’s life and work, and the analysis of
skills which we mostly use daily during our routines, but
also those we were educated to use. By doing so, we tend to
activate a wide spectrum of skills and competencies that we
already have and that we have acquired during our whole